Darsena Milano Tango Marathon will be hosted at M.A.C. Musica Arte Cultura.
Address: M.A.C. – Musica Arte Cultura, Piazza Tito Lucrezio Caro 1 – Milan

M.A.C. is the new location for cultural and corporate events managed by the Giuseppe Verdi Symphonic Orchestra Foundation. Opened in 2015, it has already hosted a substantial number of chamber music concerts and this is its Premiere for Tango events. This space, which is owned by the Milanese Transport Company (ATM) , fully fits into the landscape of the industrial areas redeveloped and returned to the city of Milan as places of artistic and cultural interest.
Spread across almost 1000 square meters, the venue counts on several different spaces: ballroom, buffet room, bar, chill out spaces, wardrobe and a beautiful terrace to enjoy the warmth of the last September sun. The ballroom boasts a beautiful 270 square meters wooden floor, that we will configure in a way which will facilitate social exchange while guaranteeing enough space for dancing comfortably without wrestling.
We will keep the number of participants to a number which will ensure a lot of diversity and options for knowing many new friends, but at the same time we will be respectful of space so that that it will be enjoyable to move, socialize and dance.

We are a few steps from the Darsena and the Navigli canals area, one of the most typically milanese: charming by day and thriving during the weekend and nights. The space borders the  big historic tramway depot and we immediately fell in love with it; Trams are one of the symbols of the city, as Milan is truly one of the “Tram cities of the world”. Navigli plus Tram … this is as milanese as you can get!

You can easily reach the M.A.C. by public transport:

  • TRAM 3 (Line 3 Duomo – Grattosoglio) STOP San Gottardo / Via Lagrange
  • TRAM 15 (Line 15 Rozzano – Piazza Fontana ) STOP Castelbarco
  • TRAM 9 (Line Porta Genova FS M2 – Stazione Centrale M2 M3) STOP Porta Lodovica

For those who will arrive before the event and leave after, pre-party and after-party will take place in local milongas.

Pre- party – La Milonguita della Martesana – via privata Antonio Meucci 3, Milano
After party – Cafè Dominguez – via Rovigno 14, Milano
The day After Party – Macao – viale Molise 68, Milano