Darsena Milano Tango Marathon

Milan – September 27-29 2019

Darsena Milano Tango Marathon

Milan – September 27-29 2019
We are glad to welcome you to the 1st edition of

Darsena Milano Tango Marathon – September 27-29 2019

A three days tango hugs-fest in the heart of Milan where friends are invited to dance and socialize in one of the most evocative areas of Milan, very close to the city center and to many other interest points.

A “high class” DJ team, two tasty brunches, treats, snacks, coffee, tea and water and a beautiful wooden dance floor are waiting for you!

The marathon is a role balanced event with a good standard of dancing, in a friendly, respectful ronda.

We value diversity and we will love to host friends from all over Italy, Europe and the world.

We don’t want a Tango event to be an isolated enclave, but an opportunity to know the place where it is hosted.

We will have pre and after parties in local milongas in order to connect with the local community, and local talents will contribute to the success of the event.

We also invite you to discover our vibrant city and we will give you some tips and opportunities to enjoy Milan before during and after the Marathon.

Dance first, think later.

We look forward to seeing you all in Milan very soon!

Max, Nadia, Nicola